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At Prestige Water Equipment, we design and manufacture all of our systems in house, whether you are in need of a combined Softener/RO or Cyclonic Seperator with built in PLC, we tailor our packages to suit you, our customer. 


Not only do we supply the systems to suit your requirements, we will also install, commission and maintain the equipment on site. 

Are you looking to collect and re-use rainwater or simply looking to reduce the amount of waste water discharged to drain? We can visit your premises free of charge to carry out a complete site survey and discuss your options in more detail.


Reverse Osmosis is a technique for up to 99% removal of the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water.

If we have a solution with a low mineral content on one side of a semi-permeable membrane, and on the other side a solution with a high mineral content, the lower mineral content solution will try to migrate across the membrane and dilute down the high mineral content solution by Osmosis.

By providing a counter pressure onto the high mineral content solution the flow is reversed, and water migrates across the membrane minus its high mineral content into the low mineral content solution. This is called Reverse Osmosis. The high mineral content water increases in TDS and eventually must be discharged to waste.

The process can be repeated to give a water very similar in quality to that obtained from traditional Demineralisation plant or mixed bed cartridges.

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